Studies Say Stubborn Children Are More Likely To Become Successful Adults

Dealing with a very stubborn child can be an extremely frustrating situation for any parent. While many parents are busy fighting with their kids about putting away toys or eating vegetables, others may be concerned that this stubbornness could hold a child back in the future. While parents always have the right to be concerned, recent studies show that there could be a link between stubbornness and future success.

When Stubbornness Is Identified

Stubbornness is a trait that is often first identified when a child is just a toddler. While a parent will try and teach respect to a child at a young age, it will always prove to be a challenge to get a stubborn kids to listen to you. This trait will then continue well into the teenage years and even into adulthood.

A 2015 study completed by the American Psychological Association has found that there is a link between childhood stubbornness and future professional success. The study ended up following a variety of children between the ages of 8 and 12 and rated them on a variety of characteristics including entitlement and defiance. The study then waited 40 years to see how the children turned out in adulthood and the results were astounding.

The study was able to conclude that the average child that was considered to be stubborn was far more likely to be successful in their careers than the average person. The study did not give an exact reason for the results, but there have been a variety of conclusions made as to why stubborn kids may be more successful.

One of the main benefits of being stubborn as a child is that it will make them more competitive in all aspects of live, including in the classroom. Those that are competitive in the classroom will try hard and will then get better grades. This will then lead to getting into a better college and eventually getting a better job.

How To Deal

While there are situations in which being stubborn is clearly an advantage, it still is a characteristic that needs to be controlled. Most stubborn people will end up learning the hard way that it is not always a good idea to be closed-minded. When it comes to dealing with stubborn kids, there are a variety of tips that should be followed. The most common tip is to have an open line of communication. As a parent, you need to take the time to speak with the child to hear what they are thinking and how they feel.

It is also important to try and connect with the child as opposed to bossing them around. With a very stubborn kid, you may need to have a more gentle approach and avoid simply ordering them around. Stubborn kids are far more likely to rebel, which could lead to some very challenging situations for you. At the same time, you need to remember that you are a role model and that you need to watch your attitude closely.

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