Neuroscientists Have Issued A Warning! Women, Pay Close Attention To How Much You Sleep!

Human beings have basic needs that we must attend to. Each of these needs meets an objective: that we are in perfect health. Some of those needs are eating, bathing and sleeping.

Among the most important activities of each day, we must highlight that of sleeping. As we know, both men and women are in need of sleep. Each day, we must perform this activity without fail.

However, sleeping is not just about resting and disconnecting from the outside world. This activity has many other benefits that we probably will not see at a glance.

For example, when we sleep, we replenish our energies 100% so that, the next day, we can face life. While we sleep, we also synthesize some compounds that we need and other essential processes are carried out for health.

That is why, we must make an effort because nothing prevents us from getting enough sleep.

However, we must emphasize that, sometimes, we ignore the biological differences of each person. The male sex and the female sex do not have the same needs.

In other words, there are certain things that should be treated in different ways depending on whether you are male or female. Among those things that we must treat differently according to gender, is the dream.


Throughout our lives, we have known that it is normal for a person to sleep around 8 hours a day. The experts have made us believe this for a long time, because it is what science knows so far.

According to them, only in this way can we replace all the exhausted energy during the day and repair the damage our body has received.

However, new research has discovered things that may surprise you. In particular, these investigations have found interesting data that encourage women to sleep more. Next, we leave you all the details.
Recent studies have found that, for women, sleeping 8 hours a day is not enough. This is because the woman’s brain performs much more activity than men’s.

As a result, it is more exhausted and spends more energy to perform the same things that men do. It is for this reason that they require more rest.

Now, we must emphasize that this is not about who is more intelligent. Rather, it is about the brain activity performed by men and women doing the same task.

In this case, the brain of the woman is the one who must take more steps in order to perform a task that may seem simple to the man.


On the other hand, we must say that what many know as the “restful or beautifying dream” is not a myth. According to the same studies, getting enough sleep has a positive effect on our skin and the whole organism.

Therefore, if we sleep what we need according to our gender, we can bring great benefits to our health.

To be sure, it is still not known exactly how many hours a woman must sleep. And this can vary a lot, depending on the activities of each one. What is known is that 8 hours are not enough.

Therefore, every woman should consider looking for a way to sleep more than 8 hours, as it seems necessary.

Now that you know, do not hesitate to put this information into practice. You will see that, soon you will notice the benefits and you will feel more energized.