Moms With Large Bottoms Make More Intelligent Children: Fat In Butt And Thighs Are ‘Building Blocks’ For Babies’ Brains

Did you know that women’s genes make them prone to carrying more fat than men? This fact annoys millions of women across the world.

According to a report in The Sunday Times, scientists have discovered that the development of babies brains relies on fat supplies that come directly from their mother’s thighs and bottoms.

The amount of fat stored in these body parts also has a direct influence of a child’s intelligence. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh came to this conclusion in a study that was published in the year 2007.

The study reveals “Upper-body fat has negative effects and lower-body fat has positive effects on the supply of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential for neurodevelopment.

Thus, waist-hip ratio (WHR), a useful proxy for the ratio of upper-body fat to lower-body fat, should predict cognitive ability in women and their offspring.”

It further reveals that “Taken altogether, these facts suggest that the unusual fattiness and fat deposition patterns of reproductive-aged women may be the result of natural selection for the ability to support fetal and infant neurodevelopment—a selection pressure that was much weaker in our close primate relatives.”

Men also prefer curvier women. David Bainbridge, a popular science writer and Cambridge anatomist and reproductive biologist revealed the reason behind this in his findings.

“Because curves are so important in women’s health, over the millennia men have evolved to be hard-wired to desire them.

They ‘know’ that a curvy woman is most likely to provide them with healthy children – curvy daughters and curve-loving sons.” Now these are some amazing reasons to embrace the curves below the waist!