Expert Says That Farts Will Come Out Of Your Mouth If You Hold Them In

You’ve finally got an answer to that question you’ve wondered about for decades. Science has stepped their game up with this amazingly satisfying discovery of the dreaded burp-fart.

Farts Have Multiple Alternate Escape Plans

You might not want to admit it, but we all pass gas. On average, you probably fart about 20 times a day. Some farts go completely unnoticed by you. It’s crazy that you can pass gas without even knowing you’ve done it! That doesn’t include farting when you’re asleep.

There are tons of things that cause us to fill up with gases. It can apparently be the result of your emotional state. People with higher anxiety seem to fart more often. That might be due to the fact that people who are stressed tend to care less about their diets.

Junk food will definitely cause you to pass more gas. Your body has to release the pressure some way. It doesn’t just disappear.

If you plan on holding in that stinky flatulence, then don’t hold your breath! Your body will inevitably force it out of you. It just doesn’t always come out from the same exit.

Researchers Believe Your Fart’s Can Come Out Of Your Mouth

cience has finally jumped off the deep-end of unanswered questions. Clare Collins is a highly-regarded nutrition Professor at the University Of Newcastle In The United Kingdom. She speaks boldly based on her in-depth knowledge while urging the world to take action when we need to let one rip. As the old phrase says,” It’s better out than in!”

Don’t be embarrassed in public. Now you have a legitimate excuse to pass gas without shame in any situation. If you are feeling that unforgiving discomfort in your bowels, then don’t even try to hold it back anymore.

Doctor Satish Rao Is an expert on gastroenterology who says you should let all that pressure in you loose before it turns into a burp-fart.

“If you’ve eaten a carbohydrate-rich meal, this will be fermented in the small intestine. You’ll belch this gas out. When you do this, this fermented gas is going to smell like fermented gas.”, Said Rao.

You probably won’t burp out an actual fart, but it can happen. There are worse things that can occur though. Your unreleased fart could be reabsorbed into your bloodstream and you could breathe it out through your lungs

. So watch out for that if you don’t like exhaling your own farts.

What Can We Do To Save Humanity From This Horrible Mouth-Fart Tragedy?

Just fart as often as possible. When you need to break wind, then you should do it. It is better to be rude than to have farts come out of your mouth later. No one wants to have farts in their bloodstream, so everyone will understand when you explain your reason for wildly passing gas during your next red-carpet event.

You can try to be sneaky by tightening your buttocks muscles to release the gas in small portions at a time, but there’s no need for that.

All of your friends will understand if you just speak up every time you fart by saying,” I didn’t want it to come out of my mouth.”

Build Awareness To The Burp-Fart Epidemic

Let your friends know the concrete scientific facts that holding in burps makes them come out your mouth. Don’t leave any of your loved ones uneducated on the dangers of politeness.

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