6 Reasons Why Men Fall In Love, According To Researchers

What causes a man to fall deeply in love with a woman? Are there certain types of women that men prefer to give their love to? This question has been a mystery for women worldwide. According to society the process of a man falling in love with a woman is entirely different than the method a woman takes to fall in love with a man. However, we don’t believe that to be true. Here are the reasons men fall in love with women according to researchers.

1. He loves everything about her.

Frequently there are times when a man will become completely captivated by everything a woman has to offer. Men like to fall in love with the overall package. Grant Langston, the CEO of the dating website eHarmony, remarks that even though the logic does not seem very exciting a man will fall in love when his emotional state for a woman has climbed to that of massive levels. He will recognize all of her good qualities and suddenly think that he is in love with her and everything about who she is. Even if he doesn’t know why he loves her, he will have already examined her fully in his mind.

2. He contributes to her happiness.

Being able to make a woman happy is another reason a man will fall in love. As far as love is concerned, women and men desire the same things. Being able to bond with one another increases happiness. As men look at women, they feel they are developing a connection for bonding. As a result of the bonding men feel as if they are capable of making women happy. This then leads to his happiness.

3. She isn’t afraid of being loved.

For years women have been taught that playing hard to get will draw men to them. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Men appreciate women who are open and available for love. Furthermore, men are attracted to woman who are sure of the kind of partner they want in life as well as knowing who they are themselves as women. Women who play hard to get appear to men as though they are not interested. Men want women who will willingly accept their love.

4. The way she makes him feel.

The way a man feels when he is with a woman is what causes him to fall in love with her. If she makes him feel warm on the inside, brings out his happiness and makes him feel loved, he will have a hard time not falling in love with her. These feelings indicate to him that he is ready to fall in love. Women and men are similar in that they both want to be loved and accepted by one another.

5. She fully embraces life.

A woman who is excited about all of things life has to offer is very intriguing to a man. She isn’t afraid to try new things and explore new places when travelling. A willingness to try foods, sports or visit the places he likes to go will cause him to fall madly in love with her. Women who aren’t as open will have a little more trouble getting a man to fall in love.

6. When she is with him, his sense of purpose is awakened.

Men love to be around women who live with passion and purpose. As a result, his passions and purpose for living are awakened and embraced. Having a woman that lives with purpose makes him feel that he can live with purpose right beside her. As a result, they both fall in love.

Women don’t always understand the emotions of men. Their search for answers for what makes a man fall in love causes women to attempt to become those very things in hopes of getting a response. In all actuality, men love just as women do.

What are your thoughts on what researchers have found regarding how men fall in love? Is this list accurate, according to your experience? Let us know in the comments, and show this to a man you know to see if he agrees!