35 Brilliant Ways To Use Vodka That Don’t Involve Drinking

Vodka is a wonderful drink, but you can do so much more with it than just enjoy a shot at a party. This potent beverage can be used as a home remedy, cleaning agent and so much more. If you have a bottle of vodka on hand, make sure to try out some of the following hacks.

1. Banish Foot Odor
Get rid of foul scents by using vodka to kill the bacteria in your shoe and on your feet.

2. Boost Your Laundry Scent
Skip the dry cleaners by making a deodorizing spray for your laundry. Blend one part vodka to two parts water. Spray the mixture onto your clothes to deodorize them.

3. Poison Ivy
After encountering poison ivy, use vodka to escape from the itching.

4. Alleviate Jellyfish Stings
Get rid of jellyfish stings by pouring vodka over the painful area. The vodka will disinfect the wound while easing pain.

5. Insect Repellent
Spray a mixture of vodka on your skin to repel insects. For a wonderful scent, add your favorite essential oil to the mixture. Lavender and basil oils can repel insects. Plus, they smell great.

6. Keep Your Bouquets Alive
Add a dose of vodka to the water in the vase, and your flower bouquets will last for a few extra days.

7. Reduce Your Muscle Aches
After your muscles are exhausted from a workout, use a vodka to make a lavender tincture. Your muscles will feel amazing in no time.

8. Remove Upholstery Stains
Vodka can be rubbed into stained fabric to make your upholstery look as good as new.

9. Clean Your Lenses
Use a spritz of vodka and a microfiber cloth to remove grease and smears on your glasses.

10. Clean Your Garden Tools
Make sure that your garden tools stay looking clean by disinfecting them with vodka.

11. Make Your Razors Last Longer
All it takes is a little vodka to make your razors last longer. After each shave, let your razors soak in the vodka. This prevents them from rusting and disinfects the blades.

12. DIY Facial Toner
A little vodka can deep clean your pores. It has stringent properties that tighten sagging skin. Just lend in a quarter teaspoon of vodka into a cup of green tea.

13. Shinier, More Voluminous Hair
Add a shot of vodka to your shampoo bottle to boost dull, thin hair.

14. Ice Packs
Fill your ice pack with a little vodka and water so that it does not freeze. This gives you a flexible pack that is easier to use.

15. Make a Lighter Crust
Replace the water with vodka in your dough recipe for a lighter crust.

16. Shine Your Silverware
Give your silverware a beautiful shine and remove the varnish by soaking it in vodka for a few minutes first.

17. Clear Clogged Ears
Use a mixture of 45 percent vodka, 45 percent apple cider vinegar and 10 percent glycerin to relieve clogged ears.

18. Kill Weeds
Blend a shot of vodka, two cups of water and some dish soap in a spray bottle for an instant weed killer.

19. Shine Your Chrom
Wipe down chrome surfaces with vodka to leave them shining brightly

20. Remove Mildew
Spray vodka on mold and mildew. After 10 minutes, wipe the residue away.

21. Goo, Be Gone!
Make goo and gunk disappear by rubbing it with vodka.

22. Breath Freshener
Freshen your breath by using vodka as a mouthwash.

23. Remove Cigarette Odor
Get rid of foul odors by spritzing your clothes with vodka.

24. Reduce Tooth Pain
Vodka can be swished in your mouth to reduce the pain and get rid of bacteria.

25. Herbal Extracts
Vodka can be used to make extracts and herbal tinctures at home.

26. Dandruff Remover
Use vodka to kill the microbes that cause dandruff by adding a shot to your shampoo.

27. Solve Red Wine Spills
Vodka can be used to blot red wine stains. Keep pouring vodka on the stain until it is saturated completely. Then, rinse and wash the item like normal.

28. Band-Aid Support
Instead of ripping a band-aid off, reduce the pain by soaking the band-aid in vodka before you pull it off.

29. Cold Sore Cure
Heal a cold sore faster by using a cotton swab to apply vodka to the sore.

30. Beat Wasps Away
Spray some vodka with essential oils to repel wasps for good.

31. Alleviate a Sore Throat
Gargling vodka can help kill bacteria and soothe a sore throat. Squeeze a lemon before blending the juice with honey and two tablespoons of vodka.

32. Clean Your Windows
Use vodka to disinfect your windows and remove smears.

33. Alleviate Your Fever
Vodka quickly evaporates, which has a cooling effect on your skin. Dip a washcloth in vodka before applying it to your forehead.

34. Shine Your Jewelry
Vodka is amazing for cleaning dirty, grimy jewelry. Just let your jewelry soak in vodka for several minutes. Then, scrub off the grime with an old toothbrush.

35. Skip Out on Vomit Stains
After a night out, vodka can get rid of the telltale details of drinking too much. Soak any vomit stains in vodka and blot out the stain.

Did you love these amazing vodka hacks? Let us know which vodka tricks were your favorite!