10 Reasons Strong Women Prefer To Be Alone Than Around Fake People

When you are a strong woman, you do not need other people to boost your confidence. You have a high self-esteem and a unique identity. You know exactly who you are, so you expect other people to be self-aware as well.

While you have just as many fears, doubts and problems as anyone else, you have the confidence you need to forge ahead anyway. You are never worried about what other people think as long as you are doing the right thing. Because of your self-confidence and inner strength, you dislike being around anyone who seems fake or selfish.

1. You Truly Love Your Own Company

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to be afraid of being alone? When you dislike who you are, you cannot stand being by yourself. If you are a strong woman, you can enjoy being alone. You love who you are, so being alone means you get to spend time with your favorite person. You have no reason to surround yourself with fake people just to avoid loneliness.

2. You Dislike Empty Chatter

As a strong woman, you know exactly what you want and who you are. Because of this, you want to forge meaningful connections to people who have similar qualities. When you are surrounded by people who idly gossip and chatter, you just want to leave the room as soon as possible. You do not need other people to be around you to have a strong self-esteem, so you would rather avoid empty chatter completely.

3. You See Through Flattery

While everyone loves a good compliment, there is a difference between flattery and a sincere compliment. When someone flatters you to get you to like them or do what they want, you see through it immediately. You hate watching obsequious employees flattering bosses to achieve another rung on the corporate ladder. When confronted with an insincere charmer, you run the other way.

4. Gossip Bores You

As a strong woman, you know exactly what your goals are and how to accomplish them. Gossiping about other people only distracts from your own dreams. You want relationships that are a positive influence. Gossip mongers only bring you down, so they are not welcome in your life.

5. You Detect Lies Like a Professional

This is one of the reasons why you hate gossip and flattery. You know when someone is lying or stretching the truth, and it drives you crazy. You can instantly detect lies, and you will not waste any time on a liar.

6. You Do Not Care About Appearances

As a strong woman, you know exactly what you are worth. You know that other people think that they need plastic surgery or a certain mascara to look good, but you already love who you are. While you might dress up for fun, you know that the most important things in life are deeper than superficial matters. You want to dissect the heart of any situation instead of just how someone looks. If you are around people who only care about their fake facade, you will move on and not look back.

7. You Hate Hypocrites

There are few things that you dislike more than a hypocrite. It makes you sick to the stomach when you see someone say one thing and do something else. You have strong beliefs and convictions that you put into action each day. It seems impossible that other people would not have strong convictions as well. When someone is a hypocrite, you quickly realize how dishonest and immoral they are. You do not want this person in your life because anything is better than subjecting yourself to their presence.

8. Bad Excuses Drive You Nuts

You know what you want and how to achieve it. You carefully plan out each step and try your best to accomplish your goals. When you fail, you accept your mistake and try again.

If you are around someone who makes excuses for everything, you cannot stand it. You know how important it is to take responsibility for your actions. The other person will never learn unless they see their mistakes and change them. By making excuses all the time, they show the world how useless and incompetent they are. While a part of you might feel compassion, the rest of your being is completely disgusted by their behavior.

9. You Demand Justice

As a woman of strength, you try to do things that you believe are right. You believe that justice is more than some lofty ideal. When a fake person is unfair to others, you become enraged. You hate seeing an innocent person hurt through selfish behavior. You would much rather be alone than suffer in the fake friend’s company.

10. Fake People Do Not Understand You

It is probably not a coincidence that fake people tend to disappear from your life. When someone is a hypocrite, they are afraid of being discovered. Fake people quickly realize that you know that they are insincere, superficial and dishonest. They do not understand your moral strength and honesty. Plus, they are afraid that you will discover their secrets. You avoid fake people, but fake people also strive to avoid you as well.

If you are a strong woman, let other people know the reasons why you cannot stand having fake people in your life.