10 Foods That Can Naturally Unclog Arteries

Your heart, brain, lungs, muscles, and all your vital organs can’t function properly with clogged arteries. Clogged arteries prevent your blood vessels from delivering the nutrients and oxygen from your heart to the rest of your body, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke. You can unclog your arteries and avoid cardiovascular diseases with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and good lifestyle habits. If you would like some tips on how to unclog arteries naturally with food, I have created a list of the best 10 foods that naturally unclog arteries.

1. Apple

Eating an apple is a scientifically proven way to naturally unclog arteries. Scientists from the Ohio State University conducted a study that revealed apples can stop plaque build-up in the arteries. According to the study, eating an apple a day for an entire month can lower bad cholesterol by as much as 40 percent. Apparently, apples contain an antioxidant enzyme that prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL). You don’t want toxins to oxidize in your blood vessels because they can harden your arteries.

2. Oily Fish

Eating oily fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines and tuna can unclog arteries. These fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent inflammation of the blood vessels and formation of blood clots. They may also reduce plaque build-up in the arteries and lower blood pressure slightly. For these reasons, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends eating oily fish at least twice a week.

3. Avocado

Eating an avocado has been scientifically proven to unclog arteries. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, eating an avocado a day can lower bad cholesterol by as much as 22 percent. Researchers point out other beneficial factors, such as vitamins, minerals and fiber that help lower the risk of heart disease. You can add an avocado to your diet by using it as a replacement for butter, creams, mayonnaise, and salad dressing in your meals.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is filled with vitamin K that is famous for preventing blood clots. It’s also loaded with fiber, which lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Stress can lead to plaque build-up in the walls of the arteries. If you want to keep your blood vessels healthy and your arteries unclogged, eating broccoli is a step in the right direction.

5. Coffee

Drinking coffee isn’t as bad as some would make you believe. According to researchers at the University of Western Australia, drinking 8 to 16 ounces of coffee a day can reduce your risk of heart disease by 20 percent. As you may know, coffee is an excellent source for antioxidants and that’s beneficial in preventing heart problems. If you drink coffee in moderation, you can reduce your risks for coronary heart disease and avoid the side effects of too much caffeine.

6. Nuts

Nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, are healthy snacks for the heart. Walnuts in particular provide an excellent source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the plant-based omega-3 fatty acid that helps prevent heart attacks. Eating almonds can also increase the amount of antioxidants in the blood stream, which keeps blood vessels healthy and naturally clears the arteries.

7. Spinach

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that naturally unclogs arteries. According to the American Heart Association (AHA) journal Circulation, eating spinach can reduce high homocysteine levels that have been linked to heart attacks and strokes. You can add spinach to your diet in a variety of ways. It goes great with salads, soups, and sandwiches. You can even mix it with other fruits and vegetables in smoothies.

8. Watermelon

Watermelon contains an amino acid called L-citrulline that helps unclog arteries. Watermelon is also a natural source of nitric oxide that has been known to reduce blood pressure, prevent heart artery blockage, and prevent stroke. The best thing about a watermelon is its versatility. It can be delicious and refreshing as a snack or as part of a fruit salad, dessert, or drink.

9. Oranges

Eating an orange lowers your blood pressure because it contains antioxidants, which make your arteries less likely to clog. According to Harvard Medical School, oranges contain a type of fiber called pectin that reduces bad cholesterol. Thus, preventing cholesterol build-up and cleansing the arteries. Eating oranges also strengthens your immune system, which improves your ability to fight off infections and diseases.

10. Asparagus

Asparagus is known as one of the best foods that naturally unclog arteries. This vegetable is loaded with fiber and minerals that help lower blood pressure and prevent blood clots. It increases the body’s production of glutathione, which protects blood vessels by fighting inflammation and preventing damaging oxidation that causes clogged arteries. It also contains alpha-linoleic acid and folic acid, which prevent blood vessels from hardening. There are a lot of great ways to cook asparagus. You can steam it, roast it, grill it, or eat it raw in a salad.

You can unclog your arteries naturally by eating the foods on this list. Add them to your everyday diet to reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke. If you know anyone who could benefit from this information, don’t hesitate to tell them about it. You never know, it could save their life.

Our content is created to the best of our knowledge, yet it is of general nature and cannot in any way substitute an individual consultation with your doctor. Your health is important to us!