10 Exercises That Tighten Up Breasts And Arms

Gravity causes the breasts to sag over the years, but there is hope. These 10 exercises can give them an unbelievable lift. Beautiful arms and tight breasts are just about every woman’s desire. That’s understandable since they can enhance femininity and overall attractiveness.

These 10 exercises can help women to tighten up those areas of the body. The most effective tactic is to repeat them 20 times a day and then 10 once the results manifest.

1. The Chin Struggle

2. Self-Love

This exercise requires you to cradle yourself or cross your arms directly in front of your chest. Next, put your palms over your elbows and try to lift your arms while you press on your elbows with your palms.

3. The Pillow Pusher

The pillow pusher exercise is fun because it allows you to play with a pillow. You do it by standing straight and keeping your legs together. Place a pillow in between your hands and push the pillow in as far as you can. Relax and then repeat it 20 times a day.

4. The Albatross

Straighten out your body and then set your legs hip-width apart. You will next need to extend your arms in a position that is parallel to the floor. Keep your palms up when you do it. Once you get into position, move your hand back as far as you can and then bring them back.

5. Cutting Edge

The cutting-edge exercise is a fun one that helps you with posture as well as chest tightening. The first part is to relax your shoulders and stand straight. Then you will need to extend your arms to the side with your palms down. Move your arms to the front of your body in an overlapping fashion. You’ll need to alternate which arms overlap every time you do it. The scissorlike motion works your chest muscles.

6. The Book Lift

Books can be useful even if you don’t like to read them. The book exercise can strengthen the muscles and tighten up your breasts. First, make sure you stand up straight. Next, you must extend your arms with your palms upward and put a heavy book on each of them. After you have the books on your palms, you should spread out your arms to the sides and then bring them together in the front.

7. The Tennis Ball Squeeze

As always, you have to perfect your posture first. Keep your legs a hip-width apart. Put a tennis ball right in between your two palms at chest level. Squeeze the tennis ball as you did with the pillow in the other exercise. The catch is that you have to keep your elbows straight out to the side while you’re doing it.

8. The Cobra

This snakey exercise will strengthen your entire upper body, but it may take you a few times to get it. The first part is to lie down with your stomach down.

Put your hands behind your head, and lift your head and upper body from the ground. Your legs should be together, and your elbows should be to the sides.

9. The Elephant

To do the elephant, you need to swing your arms to the left and the right while you’re walking backward with your torso pointed forward and downward. The motion is like an elephant, and your arms act like two separate trunks.

10. The Star Catcher

The final exercise is to reach for the stars. Stand straight up and bend your head back. Reach up and grab a star with your fist. That will help you with your posture and your back strength.

You can start these exercises today to improve your breast firmness and back strength. You should see results very quickly. Make sure you hand this information to your friends and other parties it can help.